Mobile Strike Review Reveals It To Be A Game For Critical Thinkers

If you are an avid gamer you are probably aware of the different types of games that are currently available in the market. Most games follow a pattern of attack and counter attack though they may not be explicitly games that have war as a backdrop. The war games are a different genre by themselves that do not involve senseless shooting but have more of tact involved. After the Epic War, it is the MMO Mobile Strike that has led the war among all other games and is rated as a top War Game.

The game basics

The Mobile Strike is available for download on the Android as well as the iOS and enjoys a rating of seven plus and has been last updated in June 2016.

  • The immense popularity of the game is attributed to the real life military-like graphics that are also absolutely clear.
  • There are the modern arsenals, artillery, troops, vehicles and the machines to use for the warfare much like any military camp would do.
  • There are the favorite action movie stars that the players can make the Commander of their army with several skills as they move up the levels maxing the skills on the Commander Skill Tree.

Gets you into the real preparation

Apart from the mere looks and the basic approach of the game resembles the lifelike modern warfare that involves the consolidation of the position of the base camp and then moving to attack the enemy.

  • The building of the base with the available resources is the crucial part of the game as these buildings are the sources of your sustenance while defending and attacking. Using mobile strike hack will help you saving your resources.
  • There are different buildings like the farm, the oil mines, the quarries, the iron mines that will all provide the basic building blocks and the provisions for the troop.
  • The base is also the place where the troop is upgraded and trained to be able to combat the attacks.

mobile strike tips

Calls for careful planning

The work of the building, however, better be planned and not just be an arbitrary way of filling up the available plots.

  • This is where strategy plays it’s role as having the resources generating buildings outside the base generates more resources that you do not have to buy.
  • It is important to have one or more hospitals with beds more than the troop number so that they do not get killed within the base.
  • This will also save time and your resources to build the troop and also the base from the scratch.

Becoming a seasoned player

As you move up levels, you should be able to earn more free rewards and points with your strategic thinking. This will eliminate the use of too much of hard cash to play the game that is one of the most severe critics that it has to face. It is not called a strategy building game for nothing. There is also the need to exercise a lot of patience in the building process and refrain from launching any attack at the initial stages. Else you are likely to be wiped out by the stronger players with heavily built bases and go back to the initial level.

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